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Most people aren’t aware that there’s a distinct difference between a web designer and a web developer. Even professionals sometimes use the terms interchangeably and that’s somewhat understandable because most professionals do offer development and design services. At Affordablewebs, we make it a point to explain the concepts to our clients to ensure they understand what they need. We help them decide whether they need web designers or website developers in Sydney.
What is Web Development and How is it Different from Design?
Website design deals with the outer appearance and skin of the website. Designers will ensure your website looks good, has the right branding, and is presentable. They’re usually experts of languages like HTML and CSS. Website development in Sydney is more comprehensive and deals with the very structure and skeleton of the application. Developers will create websites from the ground-up and then apply the skin that your customers will see. They’ll ensure the site functions smoothly and loads well across all devices.
Our website developers in Sydney can customise your website according to your needs. They create portals with specialised features and modules that your business requires to offer unique services. Sometimes, off-the-shelf software and sites just can’t cut it and don’t offer your customers the services they need. Our web developers also have knowledge of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, OsCommerce, PrestaShop, and Drupal, etc. They also know PHP and other such web development languages and can use these skills to create custom websites and applications.
Upgrades and Maintenance
Affordablewebs can even upgrade your custom website and maintain it for you if needed. Our website developers in Sydney will develop custom code, debug, fix coding issues, and perform general maintenance. They can also update all popular CMSs whenever new patches and upgrades are released.
We can convert your old hard to manage open source CMS to our latest easy to manage Australian CMS or shopping cart system for easier updating of your content or products.

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